Arctic Fiber Company Ltd

AFC Biotechnical Process is part of knowhow of Arctic Fiber Company Ltd, which main idea is to concentrate on the development of bioprocesses and analytical techniques for environmental and sustainable material bioprocessing purposes. The personel of the company has already over 20 year experience trough the development of biotechnical processes in defirillisation and modification of non wood and wood fibers.


Country: Finland

FLHEA focuses on the upscaling and chemical modification of micro and and nanoreinforcements based in Hemp and Flax, and its subsequent processing to obtain new biodegradable composites with improved properties. This is an European project, funded by the 7th R+D Framework Programme of the European Union, led by the Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Center (ITENE), within a consortium which also involves the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Melodea, Rodenburg Biopolymers, Arctic Fiber Organoclick AB and Termoformas del Levante.

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