OrganoClick AB

OrganoClick aspires to be a world-leading player within the developmental field of environmentally friendly fiber-based materials and additives for modifying fiber-based materials.  OrganoClick  AB  was  founded  in  2006  based  on  scientific  breakthroughs  in methods for modifications of bio-fibers at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences and Stockholm University.


Country: Sweden



Today, OrganoClick is active in three business segments; paper & packaging, textiles and wood. In these three segments, OrganoClick offers the following modifications solutions for fiber-based materials; water repellency, increased strength and protections from fire & fungal attacks.

The  company  has  its  headquarters,  R&D,  and  production  in  Täby,  outside  Stockholm together with the daughter company OrganoWood AB. OrganoWood AB is a product company for sales and marketing of the wood preservative OrganoWood®. In 2008, OrganoClick  was  awarded  for  its  unique  and  “green”  technology  with  the  prestigious Swedish environmental innovation price “Miljöinnovation”. The same year the company, recognized as the most promising start up company, also won the “Innovation and Technology Award”. In 2010, OrganoClick was appointed as a Climate Solver by the The World Wide Fund for Nature – WWF ( In addition, OrganoClick was in 2011 appointed  as  one of  Sweden’s 20 most  promising  companies by the Swedish Institute (SI).

FLHEA focuses on the upscaling and chemical modification of micro and and nanoreinforcements based in Hemp and Flax, and its subsequent processing to obtain new biodegradable composites with improved properties. This is an European project, funded by the 7th R+D Framework Programme of the European Union, led by the Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Center (ITENE), within a consortium which also involves the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Melodea, Rodenburg Biopolymers, Arctic Fiber Organoclick AB and Termoformas del Levante.

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