Project Motivation

Flax and hemp have been used since centuries ago, and have become agricultural commodities cultivated for its application on a wide range of products such as long fibres for fabric, short fibres for paper or felt; seeds and oils for livestock feed, or use as compost, among others. These crops represent an important area on European agricultural sector. 

However, there is a need to develop novel products to offer a differentiated and competitive product as a result of globalised economies. Flax and hemp have been used on the development of bio-composites, leading to innovative new applications and opportunities for these industries. The advantages of flax and hemp reinforcements are based on the development of lower weight and enhanced properties composite materials. During the last years the development of nanocomposites, has led to a novel field of material development.

FLHEA Project scope has been based on the implementation of a technical approach to the upscaling of composites, and specifically, to cellulose based nanocomposites. This research is based on a previous Project development (Traysrenew), and has been focused on the increase of cellulose isolation and nanowhiskers yield, its modification to enhance compatibility to polymeric matrices, and the production and evaluation of parts at industrial scale.